Smart solution for time tracking

A comprehensive time tracking solution suitable for all businesses, regardless of whether their staff works in a physical office or out in the field

Key Features

Punchclock goes beyond a conventional time tracking app and facilitates and improves communication and documentation


Time tracking

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Quick and easy recording of working hours and breaks. With just one click, employees can record the start and end of work and the start and end of breaks, which enables accurate recording of working hours and simplified billing.


GPS tracking

By recording the location of employees during check-in/out and break times, the Punchclock ensures precise verification of hours worked and tasks completed.


Project overview

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We have designed Punchclock to be project-oriented in order to enable the recording of working times for various projects. Employees can assign their working hours directly to the respective project, which ensures precise recording of working hours for each individual project. This allows us to ensure accurate accounting of hours worked for each project and makes it easier to monitor progress and costs.


Direct communication

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Employees can now view project information and see progress through the app. In addition, they can send documentation, photos and voice messages directly to the respective project. This enables transparent documentation of workflows and progress and facilitates collaboration.



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Thanks to the comprehensive recording of working hours, breaks and projects, Punchclock offers detailed reporting of the working hours of each employee. These reports can be used, for example, for payroll accounting or to analyze projects.


Online timesheet


Now employees have easy and convenient access to their online timesheet. This contains all recorded working times, breaks and projects and can be viewed at any time. This simplifies the documentation and checking of working hours and enables errors to be corrected quickly. The online timesheet also makes it easier to create payslips.

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