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Efficient time tracking for modern companies

An ideal solution for companies with employees in the office or in the field, as well as for small businesses and assembly companies that need reliable timekeeping.

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What Punchclock can do?

More than just simple time tracking: easy overview of your employees' working hours and project management

Time tracking

Punchclock app for iOS and Android enables employees to easily record working hours and breaks

Project overview

Whether it's through the app or browser, you can access all projects and the hours spent on them with just one click


On the project wall you can set tasks and to-dos and share photos and voice messages. Everything is available in one central place

Data safety

Punchclock automatically saves the time and place of check-ins/outs. Corrections are also possible. Data is safe

How does it work?

How MegaTeam Punchclock benefits businesses and employees alike

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Additional Benefits

The smart solution for efficient time tracking and more

Illustration of sustainability

Environmentally friendly

The electronic recording of working hours saves paper, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but also represents a cost saving

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Transparency and trust

Punchclock promotes trust between employees and supervisors, as it enables transparent and precise documentation of working hours

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GDPR Compliant

Both web and mobile app are developed in Austria and comply with the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR

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